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Silica Gel

Agencias Moeller offers Silica Gel beads packed in semi-permeable sachets and also in bulk. This product works as a desiccant to control local humidity in order to avoid spoilage or degradation of different goods.

We hold large stocks for immediate shipment of the following:

*Silica Gel desiccant 0.5 Grams (composite paper sachet). Size: 20x36mm

Typical COA Silica Gel 0.5G download here .pdf

*Silica Gel desiccant 1 Gram (cotton paper sachet). Size: 20x38mm

Typical COA Silica Gel 1G download here .pdf

*Silica Gel desiccant 10 Grams (composite paper sachet). Size: 45x75mm

Typical COA Silica Gel 10G download here .pdf