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The high quality of our products is assured by a rigorous control of the incoming materials by our QA/QC department, by checking certificates and other documents from our suppliers as well as analysing the samples from the incoming batches in accordance with standardized quality procedures. We have been doing this for years, and we comply according to GMP and DS/EN ISO 9001:00. This is to ensure our customers and suppliers continuing constancy in our work and to reinforce the quality standards of our products. We look forward to be serving you in the future in accordance with any new regulations.

In order for Agencias Moeller to maintain the highest possible standards towards our clients, we insist on maintaining strict requirements towards our selected suppliers / manufacturers according to our General Conditions of Purchase. Our demands are generally related to criteria, such as being able to:

- manufacture in accordance with the international GMP (Q7A Guidelines)
- supply relevant and up-to-date documentation in the form of: EDMF, DMF, COS
- improve and maintain production standards
- prove reliability in connection with securities of supplies
- prove reliability in connection with complaints
- prove reliability in connection with the level of service to our customers
- have enough capacity to research and develop new products.

By establishing long-lasting relations with our suppliers/manufacturers based on mutual trust and respect, we aim to serve our clients in the best possible way, by supplying quality products regularly at the most favourable terms.

Incoming Materials Control

We have strict controls for all incoming materials to all our warehouses. Our highly trained staff fully understands the procedures according to our policy of quality.


Quality Control

 Our quality control Department analyses on a routine basis all raw materials entering our warehouses to control the qualities and properties of the raw materials that we distribute. We are characterized by the constancy in the quality of products we sell.