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We are a German owned company dedicated to the import-export, sale and distribution of chemicals, packing materials and machinery through our wide range of companies in the world for the pharmaceutical, veterinary and food industries serving both local and international customers.

With global capabilities we are in the favorable position to offer and distribute any chemical, packing material and machinery available of excellent quality at competitive prices.

Efficient Distribution

With an efficient and fast distribution, Agencias Moeller has been a key player in the field of pharmaceutical ingredients (APIS and Excipients) and in recent history also in the field of packing materials and raw materials for other industries.


Perfect Infraestructure

Located in Guatemala City the company benefits from a perfect infraestructure: less than half hour away from the International Airport and with access in less than 2 hours to the Quetzal Sea Port and Central American borders. All this together with our more than 2,000 square meters of warehouses, loading and unloading platforms, quality control department and own shipping department allow us to have a fast and reliable handling of the huge quantities of raw materiales that enter and exit our warehouses every day.