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Agencias Moeller was founded in 1985 by a group of entrepreneurs with clearly defined objectives to serve the pharmaceutical industry in Guatemala, supplying raw materials, packaging materials and machinery of the best and most recognized suppliers and manufacturers of these items located in Europe and Asia.

With innovative management Agencias Moeller has successfully expanded its products and services also to the veterinary, cosmetic, and food industry.

Agencias Moeller coordinates both local and international activities related to the distribution of their raw materials. The main export markets are El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Argentina. Over the past 5 years, Agencias Moeller moved towards great victories, such as having duplicate transactions serving more than 300 companies annually and providing over 600 different materials.

Our growth is a result of the commitment that we built with our clients, offering an excellent product supported by our partners that complement our successful team that remains committed to always provide quality service that exceeds expectations.


To be the most important and efficient supplier of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (Fine Chemicals) in Central America.



To source, stock and distribute high-quality raw materials in the most time- and cost-effective way.

To act as a partner of our customers in the selection of reliable  manufacturers and suppliers, thereby facilitating the adquisition of their materials providing our know-how, infraestructure, credit, documentation and support.

To ensure constant and immediate availability of a wide range of products, thus allowing our customers to lower their own stock-holding costs.